• Mission Purpose of the ICCC

    ICCC serves as a vehicle in extending the operation and principles of God's Kingdom into the marketplaces of the world.
  • Interview with ICCC USA President Peter Kent

    Talkzone interview with Peter Kent , President of the ICCC-USA, on the scope of ICCC's work in China, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Are you called to serve?

    Take a look at our digital brochure to determine whether your calling in the marketplace resonates with ICCC's purpose.
  • Membership

    We invite you to join ICCC and discover how to impact cities and nations through your workplace call.

Part of a network that extends into 105 nations serving business leaders in the US and throughout the world.

Teaching biblical principles that promote a Transformed Working Life in every day business.

Annual conferences in the US and other parts of the world to teach interact, and support one another.

Working locally, nationally and with other nations to create business opportunities, and share the love of Jesus.

If we want to transform culture we must move in a collective network of Kingdom believers. ICCC is one of the key networks God has established to bring the Kingdom of God into nations.

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